Film Production

Bash Art Creative are Glasgow based but work UK wide. We have worked on projects in Spain, France and Asia. We are passionate about discovering stories, creating images and communicating through the medium of film. We have vast experience in corporate, short films, music videos, documentaries and educational films and our experienced professionals provide the professional video quality you need for your creative project.

Video is the ideal medium to get your message effectively to a vast audience. We can help you achieve that by working collaboratively with you to visualize your ideas. We approach each new project with creativity and dedicate the same enthusiasm as we do to our personal projects.  Our team of film makers and audio specialists can provide a complete service from consultation, post production, HD/4K filming, motion graphics through to professional editing and sound dubbing.

WAVEparticle attracts dynamic mix of collaborators to deliver the Happenstance. The Happenstance establishes a freespace in the garden at the heart of Palazzo Zenobio in Venice to host all-comers, inviting locals, visitors, participants and our core team to build new possibilities together for the freedoms we urgently need to claim. The Happenstance will run in Venice from 26 May – 25 November, 2018, as a Collateral Event at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, with activities in Scotland throughout 2018. Curated by WAVEparticle and promoted by the Scotland + Venice partnership: Scottish Government, Architecture and Design Scotland, Creative Scotland, British Council and Year of Young People/Young Scot. #happenstance18
The Others: Video/Sound Installation. This is a celebration of the people who took part in the project, a celebration of all the people who traveled from somewhere, somehow. All Venetians. All Scottish too. To represent Local Venetians,migrant and refugees in the fabric of the city they live in. Over the summer of 2018, WAVEparticle curated the ‘Happenstance’ as part of the Venice Biennale a project/space/idea/ exploring the theme of Freespace In the gardens of Palazza Zenobio. Families, children,social groups, teenagers, students, architects, choirs, musicians, artists, filmmakers, activists, new Venetians and more played, exhibited, sang, cooked, shared, built, performed and engaged with the garden and project. The more we observed the people who came through the doors- the design, architecture, artwork was all to facilitate one core element. Create a space for people to feel comfortable and safe to create and be what they want to be. It was all about people. As part of the Freespace theme, we were interested in engaging with the build environment around the Scottish Pavilion and starting a two way conversation with the community around us and looking outwards. This piece of work is a reflection on the issue of housing in Venice which is becoming more restrictive for families, young people, newcomers. Numerous properties lie empty, only for the benefit of tourism and who is deemed to be of 'value'. A true freespace ia one where people from all walks of life can feel safe, secure and welcomed. Artist/Filmmaker Basharat Khan
Time-lapse of Briggait in Glasgow. Client: Ink Design Architects
Company Chordelia presents Nijinsky’s Last Jump. Critically acclaimed theatre from Company Chordelia’s award winning Artistic Director Kally Lloyd-Jones. Nijinsky’s Last Jump combines theatre and dance to evoke the legendary 20th Century dancer’s journey from global success to the desolate isolation of mental illness. As the passionate obsession of the young Nijinsky comes face to face with the searching inner life of the older Nijinsky, this sharp and tender show portrays a poignant intimacy of genius and madness, youth and age, both the performing and private self. Inspired by the rhythmic obsession of Nijinsky’s diaries, Young and Old Nijinsky consider their life together, on and off stage, trying to make sense of the loss of self.
As part of the Representing Communities project and exploring what happened in Dennistoun in 2014- The Repairman follows a day in the life of Bill Bailey in his unique shop in the east end. An uplifting tale of the East end community, the referendum and the fine art of repairing.
Many of Glasgow's high Rise flats are being demolished over the coming years. What happens to the memories of people who live there? 'A View From Here ' follows two community groups who explore the heritage of high rise living and the experiences of asylum seekers, migrants and local Scots who live in and around these flats. The exploration culminated in a unique performance which combined performance, visual art and film to tell a powerful story of the people who live in these areas.

'See You In My Dreams' New Music Video for 'The Lonely Boy' The song itself was first released in the 1920's and has been beautifully reimagined by 'The Lonely Boy'. The video takes considerable inspiration from the music halls of the 1850's and in particular the Britannia Panoptican Music hall where the video was filmed. Shot on the Canon 5d to take advantage of its beautiful color palette and shallow focus which helped to create the mood for these vignette moments. Directed by Basharat Khan - A Bash Art Creative production.

Commisoned by AIM to produce the officail traiiler for thier film annual film festival. Directed, Sho, Edited by us. Past festival clips: Adam Barnett Music: Baajo by K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade Our thanks go to all the filmmakers for the use of their clips.

ALBERT DRIVE TV explores the stories of the fascinating characters living in the area and the importance of the local business. Made by meeting people in their homes and in the local shops, this work aims to introduce you to the neighbours, their thoughts and their ideas, by screening the films in the places they visit most every day - the local shops. ALBERT DRIVE TV sought to re-imagine the CCTV screens that currently exist in local shops from a different perspective - where customers waiting to be served got to know a little more about the people who live alongside them.
The trailer for Faux Theatres performance piece ' Torn'. Filmed and edited by Basharat Khan
Music video from Bear Bones. Director Alessio Avezzano DOP & Editor Basharat Khan
Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!