A View From Here

Glasgow’s skyline is changing. As the high rise flats are demolished, what happens to the memories of the people who lived there?
'A View from Here' tells the stories of refugees and local Scots living in two areas of Glasgow.

About the project:
A View from Here' is a multi-disciplinary arts and heritage project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, Glasgow Housing Association, New Gorbals Housing Association, Urban Union and WaveParticle.

It documents the heritage of the high flats in two iconic districts of Glasgow and the shared and disparate experiences of asylum seekers, refugees and local Scots who live there. This is a heritage soon to be lost as many of the high rise flats in these areas are to be demolished.

You can watch a collection of the films produced through the project. If you would like to arrange a screening of any of these films please get in touch.

Archive footage from 1972 which shows the constructions of High Rise flats around Laurieston and Gorbals with narration by Neil Freel.

Laurieston is a district in the Gorbals area of the Scottish city of Glasgow and It is situated south of the River Clyde. It derives its name from James Laurie who, along with his brother, developed a large part of the district in the early 19th century.

The original silent archive footage was filmed by the foreman of Gilbert & Ash who were building the new high rise flats in response to the slum housing condition of Glasgow of that time.The film was provided by Neil Freel who started working for Gilbert & Ash in 1972 and he provides a first hand insight into the heritage of high rise flats of Glasgow.


Norrie McNamee talks about his experiences of living and working in Gorbals. Using archive footage and photos from his own collection this short film reflects on the housing condition of Gorbals in the 1960's and the experiences of local Scots, migrants and refugees who stayed in Norfolk Court Gorbals.

A short film featuring a poem by Jean and Eddie from along with the voices of residents who stay in Knightswood.

A Poetic exploration of the experiences of local Scots, migrants and refugees who live in and around the high rise flats of Knightswood.

A short documentary that explores Jeans experiences of living in high rise flats and the friendships that were created with the arrival of new refugees and asylum seekers.